How to Use Ratchet Straps and Tie Down Straps

How to Use Ratchet Straps

It is important to understand when, where, and how to use ratchet straps properly. They are often used to secure heavy cargo and using them incorrectly will potentially cause problems. In this article I outline how to use ratchet straps on a vehicle – specifically on a truck.

If the vehicle being used to transport cargo is fitted with bolts and locks then using ratchet straps to secure the items being transported is highly recommended. The truck should have the right eye bolts for the purpose of transit or securing cargo in place thus shunning too much movement hence limiting the potential for damages. Before loading the cargo and fastening them, you ought to practice how to tie the straps in the correct manner to ensure that you know how to do it.

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When tying the ratchet straps down on the truck, there should be no space between the cargo and the bolts wherein the straps are fastened. If there is space, the straps will not serve the purpose for which they have been designed as the cargo will keep on moving from one end to the next one, or get knocked against the rails thus getting damaged. If you are to enjoy using ratchet straps, it is important to also take great care in how you load or place the cargo in your truck.

Each end of the ratchet straps should be inserted either into the eye bolts as well as locks in the truck. Any of the loose ends of these straps should be arranged or laid out in such a way that they face outside towards where you are standing. The portion of the straps facing outside towards you should not just be the loose ends but all the metallic devices as well. But even when tying or fastening the cargo, there should not be too much strain placed on it by making straps too tight.

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The portion of the ratchet straps which is loose and facing you, is the one which should be pulled in order to make it as tight as possible. When pulling the straps into place and fastening the cargo it is normal to see them getting taut around the items being held in their position. Even though you should pull it until the cargo is snugly in place, or tied on, care should be taken so as to avoid situations where the piece is tightened too tightly. The right level of tautness is required.

Depending on what kind of ratchet straps being used, you may need to make slight changes here and there from the above guidelines. There are straps for auto, cargo, industrial and such like that have slightly different guidelines or procedures on how to best use them or tie them to lift or load particular items on to the surface where they are supposed to lie. Depending on the size or weight of the load in question, you may also need to make certain improvisations as well.

After fastening the cargo in place using ratchet straps, the doors of the truck should be locked in place. This ensures that the straps are not blocking or causing any obstructions to the doors. This helps to create very little room, if any, for the cargo or items being transported of sliding off the truck in case of eventualities which may probably not have been factored in. As long as the correct instructions are adhered to, ratchet straps will serve their purpose very well. It is important to test and learn how to use ratchet straps at home before you are forced to used them in a dire situation.

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